Visa Checklist guideline

Visa entry Requirements for Germany, UK & USA Passport Holders

We've outlined the visa requirements for UK & USA passport holders travelling to Africa. Other nationalities should check the current entry requirements.

All travellers (regardless of nationality) must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended departure date out of Africa (i.e. 6 months beyond the date you return home). Passports for all nationalities must have a minimum of 2 consecutive blank visa pages per country visited (endorsement/amendment pages do not count).

Please note that all other nationalities should check the current entry requirements.


Visa required and must be obtained in advance. You may consider using a visa service company. Current cost £75 (UK passport) or US$200 (USA passport) for a single entry. For further information visit or


Visa required and must be obtained prior to travel (visas on arrival are not issued). Currently US$50 pp (single entry) or US$20 pp (transit – valid for stay of up to 24 hours). Children aged 15 and under are currently free of charge. If you are remaining airside in Nairobi (i.e. not clearing immigration) a visa is not required. You must obtain a Kenya visa in advance of travel by using the official website:


Visa required and can be obtained on arrival. Currently US$30 pp. Only passport and USD cash needed on arrival.


No visa required.


Visa required and this can be obtained in advance or on arrival. The current visa cost is US$50 pp (UK passport) or US$100 pp (USA passport), payable in US dollars (cost subject to change). If your first point of entry in Tanzania is into Kilimanjaro Airport, Dar es Salaam Airport or Zanzibar Airport, we recommend you obtain your visa in advance (prior to travel) as there can be long delays at these two airports for anyone obtaining visas on arrival.


A visa is required and must be obtained prior to departure – current cost US$50pp. Please ensure you use the official website: We are aware that there are many third-party websites out there, but please use the official site for your visa.

East Africa Visa

This covers entry to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda (providing you do not break this with another country in between). Visit You must apply for this from the first country you will be visiting (ie: If you first fly into Nairobi and clear immigration there before going to Uganda, you will need to apply for the visa from through Kenya).

*Please note*

Please note that Hotana Safaris cannot be held responsible for the visa, entry and vaccination requirements of any of the destinations where we operate trips; these requirements are ultimately the responsibility of our clients. The information we give you here is merely a guide, and applies to US and UK citizens only. All clients, including US and UK citizens, must contact the relevant authorities to confirm the most up-to-date information.

For more information for US citizens, please visit the US State Department website. 

For more information for UK citizens, please visit the UK FCO website.